The industry center will build 5 platforms including seed quality resource evaluation, selective seed breeding, big data evaluation, selective seed manufacturing, and science popularization education to build a high-level, high efficiency, innovative, and service-oriented research and development system, which lays the firm scientific foundation of the company’s high-quality development.

Seed quality resource evaluation platform will set liquid nitrogen fungi storage, -80 Celsius degree extreme low-temperature microorganism fungi storage, 4 Celsius degree low-temperature fungi storage resource library, and build wood-destroying fungi storage resource library.

The selective seed breeding platform will build a microbiology and molecule breeding laboratory with high cleanliness and commercialization. With the help from our stakeholder, the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, on edible fungi, Finc aims to develop the identification technology for both the phenotype and the genotype of the products. By molecule marker-assisted selection, Finc will improve the efficiency and quality of seed selections, fulfilling the factorization and commercialization needs of seed selection , leading the development of Chinese commercial edible fungi, and providing technical support for the Finc strain breeding company in the future.

The big data evaluation platform will build an intellectualized breeding room that can collect data automatically, and be operated remotely, further exploring the effects of environmental elements such as temperature, light, moisture, air, and wind in different stages of edible fungi breeding to realize the perfect combination of great seed selection and suitable environment parameters.

The selective seed manufacture platform will dig deeper into the characteristics of the germplasm source, reinforcing the quality of the germplasm source from several perspectives including media component, identification of strain activity, improvement of the seed conservation, and improvement of strains’ quality, further integrating the sensible criteria, biological criteria, and genetic criteria of the edible fungi and finally improving the ability to guarantee the quality of the strains.

The science popularization education platform will exhibit modern intellectual working scenes. With the exhibition in multimedia hall, DIY working area, and roadshow science popularization area using holographic projection technique, Finc will tell a series of the company’s developing stories including the story of edible mushroom, Finc breeding, 鲜菇道 brand, Finc development, edible fungi industry and so on to propagate mushroom culture, lead to mushroom consumption, and to carry out civil mushroom science popularization education.

Show the growth parameter of the fungi in a digital way, collect environmental information and set up technology criteria, build an intelligent producing and control model of hypsizigus marmoreus; research on hypsizigus marmoreus’s appearance evaluation algorithm; Realize automatic abnormal environment alarm and intelligent control during the production by utilizing the intelligent producing and control model.

Technological innovation:Breeding optimization, storage optimization, production of hybrid seeds optimization

Breeding innovation:Have abundant seeds resources after years of accumulation

Innovative team:Establish an academician workstation, having Shanghai municipal technical center with 65 core technicians. Submit 201 national patent applications with 54 certified national patents, 24 of which are patents for invention. The innovation ability of Finc is recognized and supported by the government. Finc took responsibility for 3 national scientific projects and 7 Shanghai scientific projects in recent years.

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