Brand Story

It Is known to all that Japanese people have extraordinary affection and sufficient research about mushrooms.

During a China - Japan communication activity in the 1990s, several mushroom experts from the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences took interest in the rapid development of the industrialization of edible fungi in hypsizigus marmoreus area, whereas China had no experience in such a field at that time.

After the activity, the team formed by Dr. Yingjie Pan, Dr. Qi Tan, Dr. Zhiyong Feng, Dr. Mingjhie Chen, and Dr. Hui Cao started their own research on “hypsizigus marmoreus”. After several years, our own patent strain was successfully invented. One expert from the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of Edible Fungi suggested that: Since we spent a lot of effort in researching and making the mushroom, let us give this kind of mushroom a great Chinese name. After carefully tasting it, I think it is as fresh and delicious as hairy crabs, so how about calling it brown shimeji? Since then, brown hypsizigus marmoreus has a new name in China: brown shimeji.

In 2000, a patriotic investment team (Mr. Minhui Wu and Mrs. Wenhong Zhang) met the 5 doctors by chance. They were deeply touched by the dreams to create the Chinese modern edible mushroom industrialization of the scholars. They reached a consensus, and built factories together to convert the research result of “hypsizigus marmoreus” to high-quality, salable agricultural products, becoming the first agricultural enterprise with factory-like hypsizigus marmoreus cultivation. In the meanwhile, the scientific research and exploitation of hypsizigus marmoreus also go deeper and deeper.

Marketing Strategy

In 2001, Shanghai Finc Biotechnology Inc was established in Shanghai Fengxian District. With 2 billion CNY investment, Finc set up 6 intelligent factories in Shanghai, Qingdao, Qinhuangdao, Chengdu, Greater Bay Area, and the United States (in preparation). Finc planned to build more than 2 intellectualized mushroom farms in every factory. After 21-year product development and innovation, Finc realized double breakthroughs in production capacity and technology of the hypsizigus marmoreus, and devote to industrial development, cultivation, manufacture, and Internet platform in the future. Finc, along with scientists and professional workers around the world, will guarantee that consumers can eat delicious, nutritional, and safe brown shimeji、white shimeji、hatake、maitake and so on.

Strategic Cooperation